A Better way to run
your Restaurant

Agile RMS Main Tables



Our Restaurant Management System makes order taking and managing an easy process


Orders can be processed much faster than traditional systems, meaning happy customers

Role Based

Different users of the system has different levels of authorization for interacting with the system

Your Restaurant Visualized


Designed for Restaurants:

Table based ordering makes the system visual, easy and usable by anyone. Tasks are divided between different users making the whole process fast.

Agile RMS Menu Item Screen

Remote Order Taking

The software runs on tablets and PCs. Waiters can use tablets to take orders which will be automatically pushed to the Cashiers and Kitchen Screens.

Agile RMS Remote Order Screen

Kitchen Screens

Once order has been finalized, it is automatically sent to screens in the Kitchen from the waiters’ tablets. No need for your staff to run around the restaurant delivering order details. This means less staff required for your restaurant.

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Cloud based or Local Installation

The RMS can be run on any platform. A simple PC will be able to host the software which can then be accessed on tablets and Kitchen Screens. You can also use the software online, which means no installation needed; just an internet connection.

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Daily Reports

Generate reports for viewing and verifying transactions done in a day

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Product Sales

Get an overview on which of your products were sold the most

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