Reliable and Easy
Point of Sale

Agile POS Main sales


Simple to Use

Our POS is designed to be used by everyone. No tech savvy person needed

Fast and Accurate

Sales can be recorded with predefined entries using only a few clicks


Authorization levels provide different levels of access to different people

Simple yet Powerful


Suitable for Shops & Restaurant

Our POS is designed for variety of businesses. With different interfaces for Restaurant and shops, it can be easily integrated in the processes of each business.

Agile Shop Screen

Peripheral Compatibility

The software is compatible with most of receipt printers and barcode scanners. Options are available for multiple printers as well

Agile POS Peripheral

Powerful Reporting

With a variety of relevant reports, you can make meaningful decisions based on actual useful data

Agile POS - Reports

Designed for All Operating Systems

The POS can be run on Windows, Linux and MacOS. A simple PC will be able to run the software fluidly. Installation is a hassle-free process and this system can be up and running within hours.

  • Windows
  • MacOS
  • Linux
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