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Our Features


Made for Restaurants

  • Compatible with Restaurants, Cafes, Take Aways & Delivery

  • User Friendly Interface. Use of Software is intuitive and it can be used by anyone.

  • Customizable table wise order taking with multiple floors

  • Restaurant specific actions/data like nulled items, double prints etc.

  • Highly customizable receipts

  • Customizable menu with products, deals and modifiers.

Restaurant Specific Features
Restaurant Ordering

Streamlined Order Management

  • Option for tablet based order taking. Orders will be automatically pushed to kitchen screens and cashier

  • Can be operated on multiple terminals seamlessly for division of tasks.

  • No installation required. Software can be used on any device with a browser

  • Kitchen Screens for displaying order for preparation. Once ready a notification can be sent to other devices prompting for serving.

  • Multiple Kitchen screens can also be installed for big kitchens


Secure & Data Extensive

  • Extensive role and permissions based authorization. Allows strict control over front facing and admin panel actions.

  • Detailed Reporting for products, sales, categories, taxes, inventory, profit/loss

  • Automatic excel export of data

  • Automatic email of full day reports at cash close.

  • Online access to reports and data.

  • Multiple branch integration

Data Extensive and Secure
In Depth Inventory Management

In Depth Inventory & Accounts Management

  • Recipes can be added for your menu

  • Raw Ingredients are automatically deducted with orders

  • Inventory is updated when items are received. Items received against vendors provide data for vendor balance.

  • Payments can be made to vendors. Pending amounts are automatically calculated based on Inventory receivings and payments.

  • Low quantity item reports provide information for reordering

  • Profit/Loss is calculated against orders through recipes and cost of inventory receiving. Variable prices are catered via FIFO method.

Our Prices


Sales Module

Kitchen Screens

Deals, Products & Modifiers

Inventory and Recipes

Vendor & Accounts

Online Reporting

*Internet connection required constantly

PKR 2500/month

Local & Online

Sales Module

Kitchen Screens

Deals, Products & Modifiers

Inventory and Recipes

Vendor & Accounts

Online Reporting

Networked Printer Compatible

*Works without internet
*Internet required for online reporting

PKR 5000/month

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