Retail Management and Optimization Solutions

Completely Control
Restaurant Management
Handcrafted for Restaurants
Agile Restaurant Management Software allows you to manage related activities easily. With control over each aspect of your business and intelligent reporting, Agile RMS is the partner you need to scale your business.

Order Management
Optimize order completion process and make your restaurant a hassle-free space.
  • Tablet-based Order Taking
  • Multiple Kitchen Screens
  • Multiple Tablets & Terminals
Inventory & Accounts
Plan ahead by keeping track of your inventory and accounts.
  • Vendors and Pending Balances
  • Inventory Status and Ordering
  • Recipes for Auto Inventory Deduction with Sales
Make informed and quick decisions through reliable intelligent reporting.
  • Inventory and Usage
  • Sales, Expenses & Profit Loss
  • Popular Products and Categories
Assign permissions to manage levels of access for your staff and securely delegate tasks.
  • Cash Close report with auto email
  • Separate Admin & Order Taking Panels
  • Limit control of RMS functions for users
Point of Sale (POS)
Retail Management made Easy
Agile Point of Sale offers the complete package, encompassing all processes of retail and forming your business’ backbone. Agile POS is easy to use and covers all aspects of sales, inventory, and access control.

Reliable & Easy to Use
Keep your operations running smoothly.
  • Improve Customer Flow
  • Perform function quickly
  • Connects with Peripherals seamlessly
User Access Control
Maintain strict control of operations.
  • Employee Accounts
  • User specific Permissions
  • Keep track of user activity
Daily overview and In depth reporting features.
  • Daily Sales and cash flow
  • Inventory In and out flow
  • Customers, Categories, Purchases etc.
Launch your Online Store
Expand your physical store with a scalable online presence, and open your business up to a worldwide audience. Manage and boost your physical and online sales using our multidimensional approach.

Gain full control over the administrative functions of your business.
  • Personalize Website Design
  • Content Section for Marketing
  • Order Process & Stock Management
Automate supported software for process optimization.
  • Email & SMS service Integration
  • Delivery Partner API Integration
  • Consolidate In Store & Online Inventory
All the relevant information at your fingertips enabling informed decisions.
  • Customer Behavior
  • User Web Interaction
  • Product Ordering trends

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